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Zhiyun Crane Plus 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun Crane Plus steps up the performance of its predecessor, Crane V2, and can now manage a payload of up to 2.5 kg, making it capable of handling everything from advanced compact cameras to camcorders, mirrorless system cameras and even a DSLR with a high-speed zoom lens mounted. The rechargeable batteries have enough power to provide the gimbal with 12 to 18 hours of running time.

The stabilizer has unlimited 360° movement in all three axes -- tilt, pan and roll. A brand new POV mode can be used to keep a sense of motion and action while shooting fast-paced scenes, such as skiing and skateboarding. The stabilizer then allows the camera to tilt up to 45 degrees, a so-called "dutch tilt", while still keeping the image steady and calm.

Control your camera's movements
Making time-lapse videos has suddenly become much easier, thanks to new possibilities for programmable camera movements in Crane Plus. With Motion Memory, the user can set and save a sequence of motions for future use and even get the stabilizer to automatically capture images at specified time intervals, for as long as you like*. Motion Memory is an advanced feature that helps you repeat the same type of capture over and over again.

Equally impressive is the new Night Lapse mode, which allows you to make stabilized long exposures with programmable movements*. A great feature for capturing star trails on a night sky, moving nighttime traffic or why not create a time-lapse movie of a moonlit landscape!

*Works with cameras from Sony and Panasonic, with the included camera control cables

Intelligent object tracking
With the help of a smartphone and the Zhiyun ZY Play app, you can get the Crane Plus to lock on to and automatically track a moving subject. Draw a box around the object or person you want to track on the phone screen, and Crane Plus makes sure it's always stays in the picture. Move around a stationary object or shoot action scenes -- the intelligent tracking works equally well for both situations!

Joystick and camera controls
Attaching the camera to the stabilizer is a smooth and quick maneuver and in the sturdy handle you will find a smart control panel, featuring a joystick for manually steering the stabilizer movements, a zoom lever and a rec/shutter button. A standard ¼ "screw thread underneath the handle can be used to mount the Crane Plus on a supplied mini tripod or any tripod you desire. 



Key features of Zhiyun Crane Plus

  • 3-way motorized stabilizer, capable of a payload up to 2.5 kg
  • 360° rotation in all three axes (tilt, pan and roll)
  • Built-in camera control for Sony and Panasonic
  • Programmable camera movements with Motion Memory
  • Night Lapse for time-lapse with long exposures
  • POV mode with 45° synchronized roll for action scenes
  • Intelligent object tracking using a smartphone and the ZY Play app
  • Control panel with joystick, zoom lever and rec/shutter button
  • Up to 18 hours of runtime with rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
  • Mounting a camera is quick and easy
  • Standard tripod mount (1/4"), mini tripod included


What's included

Gimbal Stabilizer: 1 pcs
Battery Compartment: 1 pcs
26500 Battery Charger: 1 pcs
26500 Li-ion Batteries: 2 pcs
Micro USB Cable: 1 pcs
Lens Mounting Clamp: 1 pcs
Mounting Screw: 2 pcs
User Manual: 1 pcs
Anti-slip grip tape: 1 pcs
Panasonic Camera Control Cable: 1 pcs
Sony Camera Control Cable: 1 pcs
Tripod: 1 pcs




Type: 3-axes camera stabilization (gimbal)
Tilt Angle Range: 360° (unlimited)
Pan Angle Range: 360° (unlimited)
Roll Angle Range: 360° (unlimited)
Deviation in Static State: +/-0,01-0,03°
Deviation in Motion State: +/-0,05-0,2°
Recommended Pay Load: 350 - 2500 g
Operating time per charge: 12-18 timmar (balanserad kamera)
Operating voltage: 6,8-12,6 V
Battery Type: 2x Lithium Ion Battery, type 26500
Charging Time: 3 hours
Temperature Range: -10 - +45°C
Dimensions: 173 x 188 x 374 mm
Weight: 950 g
Special Features: Motion Memory, POV-mode, Intelligent object tracking, Night Lapse
**Others: **Joystick, zoom lever and rec/shutter button. Micro USB port for camera control (Sony & Panasonic). Standard tripod screw mount (1/4") in the bottom. Compatible with the ZY Play app (Android & iOS)



Pan Angle Range
Roll Angle Range
Maximum Temperature
45 °C
Maximum Payload
2500 g
Maximum Runtime
18 h
Tilt Angle Range
Minimum Payload
350 g
Minimum Temperature
-10 °C
Areas of Usage
Video, Mirrorless, DSLR
950 g


Crane Plus 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
EAN: 6970194085036
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