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NiSi Cine Filter Rotating Enhanced CPL

This circular polarizer filter's special feature is that it has an additional coating with nano particles that boosts colors to make them more vibrant while also keeping skin tones more natural.

NiSi Rotating Circular Enhanced Polarizer is made of high quality optical glass and nitto polarizing film, which can effectively restrain strong reflections on non-metallic surfaces (polarized light). This reveals the real color of the object, highlights the texture, improves the color saturation and can also improve the tone of colors in the sky.

The filter clip has a special dial that turns the polarizer and is easily operated with your finger. This solves the problem of a non-rotatable matt box, making the NiSi Rotating Circular Polarizer more convenient than other polarizers. It can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency during time-sensitive shooting and is a very useful accessory for the videographer/cinematographer.

Whilst the weather and environment always changes during shooting, NiSi Rotating Circular Polarizer has a water proof sealing on the edge of the filter that effectively prevents the entry of moisture. Both filter surfaces have a water repellant coating: Water that touches the filter will drop on its own, leaving no trace. The waterproof coating will ensure a clean and clear picture and also makes it difficult for dust to stick to the surface, thus reducing the need for maintenance


Filter Protection Coating
Filter Type
Circular Polarizing
Filter Size (Cinema)
4x5,65 ", 6x6 "


EAN: 4897045109135
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