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Our history

Focus Nordic is the result of a merger between a Swedish, a Norwegian and a Danish company.


Westheimer A/S was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by Paul Westheimer. He was one of the first to import Japanese camera brands like Canon and Minolta into Europe.  


Odd Aronsen A/S of Norway was founded in Oslo, by Odd Aronsens. Some of the first products in the line up was Yashica cameras from Japan, Rollei cameras and dia projectors from Germany.


Focus Trading AB was founded i Mullsjö, Sweden by Thomas Wernbo. Projection screens were the first sold products, then the assortment grow fast with new categories such as lenses, binoculars, flashes, bags and more.


Mikael Westheimer started in his father’s business, became CEO in 1990 and took over Westheimer A/S in 1995. The number of new brands grew rapidly. 

Focus Sport Optics was established in Sweden. High quality binoculars and great value for the money has been the motto from the very start. 


Knut Aronsen started in his father’s business and renamed the company Knut Aronsen A/S in 1989. Energizer batteries, Hähnel products and Bilora tripod was key products. But also chinese camera manufacturers like Haking became a big share in the company sales.


I Love My Photos by Focus was established in Sweden developing premium quality photo frames and albums with modern design.


Focus Trading moved from Mullsjö to Gothenburg, which still is the place for Focus head office and central warehouse.


Focus Nordic Finland was founded.


Focus Nordic was founded when the three Nordic photo distributors Focus Trading AB, Westheimer A/S and Aronsen AS merged into one.


Focus Nordic Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were founded.


Focus Nordic Poland was founded.


Focus Nordic Czech Republic and Slovakia were founded.


Focus Nordic Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia were founded.

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