Solar Eclipse


A solar eclipse is a rare natural phenomenon and an exciting activity that is perfect to take the whole family on.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. It then blocks for a few minutes almost all sunlight from reaching the earth - in the middle of the bright day. The sun is 400 times larger than the moon, but by chance the moon is so close to the earth that it still looks the same size in our sky. Therefore, it can block sunlight

When can I see the next solar eclipse?

More info can be found here:

Why do you need solar eclipse glasses?

Looking at a solar eclipse can be dangerous for the eyes. In some cases, it can cause a condition called solar retinopathy, which is when solar radiation damages the eyes. It can even lead to permanent blind spots or distortions in your vision.

Instructions for use:
Wear your Solar Eclipse Glasses to protect your eyes from solar radiation any time you look directly at the sun or the suns reflections. When looking at the sun use your Solar Eclipse Glasses whenever ANY PART of the sun – no matter how small is visible! This product should not be used with any other optical appliances such as cameras, telescopes, binoculars, or similar items.
Children should use this product only with adult supervision.

  • Safe for direct solar viewing
  • Create a sharper orange colored image of the sun
  • Easy to use
  • Frame made of paper and easy to recycle
  • Glasses filter out 100% ultra-violet, infrared, and 99% intense visible light.

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