How to create a collage with the Polaroid Lab


The collage feature is one of the creative tools you can use with Polaroid Lab: it allows you to create a mosaic made of Polaroid pictures out of your favorite digital images.

Creating a collage it's easy and fun, just follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Polaroid Lab icon in the main app menu.
  2. Choose your photo (you get best results if you choose a well lit one, with bright colors and elements well distributed in the entire image) and tap on Next at the top right.
  3. Select the size of your collage from the top bar. You can choose the option you prefer, messy or neat. The app will show you all the exposures you need to get done. Tap on the arrow at the bottom right.
  4. The first one is highlighted in orange to show you that's the first picture exposing. Press the check mark when you're ready for your first exposure and follow the instructions in the app. Press the red button on the Lab to obtain the first picture.
  5. When you pick up the phone, you'll noticed that the second image is now highlighted in orange.
  6. If you messed something up and you want to try again, go back and press the first image again.
  7. Go forward and do all the exposures.
  8. If you choose a collage mad of more than 8 pictures, just remove the empty film cartridge and replace with a new one. The app will remember where you are so you have just to press the checkmark and get your exposure done.
  9. Leave all the pictures to develop completely, keeping them away from light.


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