Lensbaby SOL 45 review

by our Norwegian ambassador Marius Dale

Photo: Marius Dale

Marius is a concert, event and cityscape photographer based in Oslo Norway. He works as a Production manager and venue photographer at Rockefeller, Sentrum Scene & John DEE live club, and he is also a stage manager on festivals and photographer. Marius loves to shoot street photography with the Ricoh GR III.


I have had the pleasure of testing out the range of Lensbaby for a while, and I must say that there was one lens in particular that I really got the feel for. Since many of my photos are urban city-landscapes and long exposures, I quickly noticed that the tilt-shift lens SOL 45 became my favourite.

SOL 45 is a 45mm f/3.5 manual focus lens that quickly challenged the way I usually take pictures, and it gave me a new perspective on the city I live in. I also noticed that this is a "slow" photo lens, which required both patience and a little luck to get pictures I was happy with.

One of the challenges I had to deal with was finding the actual sweetspot for focus, with aperture f/3.5 it was reasonably difficult at times. But once found, this lens produces amazing results. The focus was tack sharp when it hit, and I caught myself smiling several times when I got home and started finishing the pictures in Lightroom.

The lens was used with the Sony A7Rmk4.

If you want to invest in a tilt-shift lens, this is a cheap entrance ticket lift creative images to next level. I will recommend this a 100%.

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